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    Principal’s Welcome

    As Principal I wish you a very warm welcome to our School! We are at the heart of the community and in 2010 we have succeeded in providing local families an excellent education delivered by exceptional teachers in award winning facilities.

    Judged as a good school by ofsted our achievements can be seen through rapid improvements in education. We are also making key strides towards creating an school which makes a significant difference to the community we serve and that provides opportunities for all our pupils.

    Dr. Sushma Sharma, Principal


    Bhabha Public School, Jaipur is another offering by ‘Shree Bhabh Public School Samiti, Jaipur’ to the nation as an ideal co-educational English Medium Sr. Secondary School affiliated to CBSE Delhi.


    BPS has a huge campus in the heart of Jaipur city at, Chitrakoot Scheme, Adjoining Pratap Stadium, Ajmer Road, in a modern, airy & spacious building and equipped with lush green campus, smart class room, modern labs, auditorium, swimming pool, skating court and has another various facilities.


    The School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary education, Delhi. Affiliation No.: 1730540.

    Our Commitment :

    Institution with strong commitments builds a strong society. Our commitment implies.

    Sense of duty
    Service about self.
    Yet, most of parents and students remain unaware of such ways of education created specially for them is the Bhabha Public School.

    Our Educational Vision:

    Bhabha’s vision is as per the oriental saying.
    “Where the vision is one year; cultivate flowers.
    Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees.
    Where the vision is eternity, cultivate people.”
    What we are aiming at is an education that will integrate the various sections of society by providing more of the weaker section of the society an opportunity for good education which is biggest and most effective single factor equalization. This small step will help in its on measure to more away from a dual society and from keeping the country divided between the established and the marginated classes the reach and the poor, the powerful and the powerless.

    Governing Body

    Provides support and advice to achieve high standards and success through quality programmes and enrichment of learners . Having the wellbeing of the students at heart, their interest is evident in the progressive staff development, sports and academic programme, their support towards exploration of new boundaries in school management, curriculum design, academic assessment and innovation.


    At BPS We have a student mentor relationship. A strong bond of student with teacher is there to fostered  positive and constructive attitude of all stakeholders. The staff is well qualified, experienced and committed to their calling ready to rise to the occasion, open to change and determined to make a difference in young lives. The teacher faster the natural, insatiable curiosity of the child the fire of inquisitiveness within so that every child regardless of background or socio-economic status find himself/herself assimilated in one.


    The tree of our education system has its roots in the time honored idea of educational excellence in a creative and innovative framework. We place due emphasis on all the dimensions of – physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and aesthetic sensibilities. There is continuous and comprehensive education of learning through numerous ways based on the belief that a learner learns in various ways and that he or she is constantly learning in formal and informal situations. Comprehensive and a variety of assessment tools provide means of development of personality in different realms of the growing student.

    Teaching Aids:

    Teacher with the help of smart class, overhead projectors, charts,drawings,carefully designed working models, audio- visual system,computers,toys explain to their students  the concepts which are teolious in theoretical learning, these sensory objects stiumulizes students and activates their minds helping them in deep understanding.

    Parent Teacher Interaction:

    Education is the joint responsibility of teachers and parents. The interaction between the two is facilitated through open meetings at regular intervals. These must be attended compulsory in the interest of the child

    • Secondary School was founded in 2007
    • Senior Secondary Affiliation got in 2020
    • Students with excellent academic programs
    • Stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment
    • A private yet affordable elementary school
    • Students experience success every day
    • Supportive environment to ensure

    Overview of the School

    Lush Green Campus
    An Environment where Learning is Fun
    Committed, Caring & Professional Teaches
    Spacious & Airy Classrooms with close circuit camera
    Activity Halls
    Creativ Centers to Explore Art, Craft, Music and Dance
    Pre-Primary Section with own play area
    Transport Available
    Computer Laboratory
    Science, Social Science & Mathematics Laboratories (Proposed)
    Swimming Pool
    Play Ground & Sports Facilities to Encourage Skill, Teamwork & Sportsmanship
    Indoor Games
    Field Trips
    LCD Projector, Digital Classrooms
    Audio-Visual Hall
    Educational Tours, Excursions & Picnics
    Teachers Resource Centre
    Learning Centre / Special Education
    Counselling & Career Guidance Cell
    Student Resource Centre