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  • 01, Chitrakoot Scheme, Adjoining Pratap Stadium, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur - 302021
  • Characteristics

    High standards without contrived competition:

    The school has a good record of academic excellence. We foster competition with one’s own self.The
    approach enables children to value their own and others efforts and offer them opportunities to
    experience success.

    A human and global outlook:

    BPS  expects its student to be a strong,principled,sensitive human being and a committed citizen with a profound sense of commitment to social justice ,secularism,environment,tolerance and world peace. When these determined and poised young ambassadors from BPS go out into the world, we know, they will make their mark in whatever field they chose.

    Equality between the sexes:

    Boys and girls are able to grow-up together securely and on an equal basis.

    A child centered approached to learning:

    We make a concerted effort to provide a warm and loving environment where children are encouraged and praised often. All learning experiences are introduced carefully at an age –appropriate level. To ensure the total development of the children, there is a particular emphasis on Experiential Learning

    The Exposure:

    Active participation of the students is seen in exploring the unknown in physical sciences i.e. Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Mathematics which gives them ample scope for sharpening all five sense.
    Library which is equipped with books and audio visual cassettes & DVD makes students come out of a routine learning pattern.
    Digital classrooms are equipped with digital boards and Computer Lab is fully equipped with latest Computer with coloured monitors.

    Playing games Skating,volleyball,football,badminton,Basketball,table tennis is a very fulfilling experience.The zeal,enthusiasm and a team spirit is activated by such pursuits. The culinary skills of the young once is amazing. The creativity is given exposure by means of creative arts where the students dabble in colors & make wonderful sketch & paintings. Their craftsmanship enables them to make awe-inspiring objects in crafts articles, Rangoli,debate,dance,drama,music,fancy dress, celebration of all festivals, mehandi application & other folk Arts are areas where the spirit to out do each other sees the students charged with emotions.

    The encouragement of initiative and a sense of adventure:

    Activities like excursions, field trips,camps,awareness programmes and workshops are organized from time to time.The outings are special occasions when the classes are taken for practical insight to places of interest in and outside the city like the Zoos, planetarium ,science park, museum, production units of milk,pottery,yarn and other manufacturing units.
    The crescendo is at its peak when long distances educational trips are undertaken. Here the students expose in themselves, the hidden friend, philosopher and guide. Fairs are a natural outburst of packed up emotions of entertainment thrill and adventure. The staff and students regale –in-mirth and joy of event.

    A commitment to conservation:

    BPS is an Eco-friendly educational institution acting as a catalyst for promoting environmental consciousness and practices among the students and the community through campaigns, vermiculture and paper recycling. We have a ‘Rain Water Harvesting System’ built in the school building.