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  • Facilities

    Computer Aided Learning 
    Starting from primary classes Computer Technology is integrated with teaching methodology in ways that help students meet challenging standards, improve learning and give them a better understanding of how to use technology to learn.
    Library is revered as the temple of learning. The well stocked library is a centre of research as well as the study base for the student’s projects and other school activities. The students have free access to all the reading material ranging from a variety of Encyclopedias, general information including current magazines to material on specific subjects and a generous collection of fiction. There is a constant effort to guide and help the students in their selection of reading material and promote good reading habits by introducing them to new book arrivals and magazines.
    Counseling and Career Guidance Service
    Growing up can be stressful in today’s fast pace life. This service is an attempt to help an individual to cope with the demands of self, parents, school and community and strike a harmonious balance in life. It provides guidance to students in planning the careers suited to their aptitude and interest.
    Student Resource Centre
    A place where a child explores his world, satisfies his curiosity by experimenting and creating original and effective learning and teaching aids in the process.
    Information Technology
    BPS wishes to give students a head start in life. Computer are a part of the curriculum from Class I onwards. There is a computer laboratory with latest Pentium Machines.
    Digital Classrooms & Audio-Visual Instruction
    This is well integrated with curriculum. The Audio Visual hall is equipped with TV, DVD, Overhead and Slide Projectors and full scale projection through LCD Projector. There is a Collection of educational AV Cassettes and CDs in School which are regularly used by teachers to supplement Classroom instructions in different subjects. Classes are equipped with close circuit camera and Digital large screen televisions which are used by teachers to visually explain concepts from carefully chosen software.
    Health Services
    An able mind lives in a able body. These include first Aid, the Annual Medical Check-up of the students and the staff and conducting health orientation programmes emphasizing life skills. The advice of the doctor is conveyed to the parents.
    The school will have an infirmary with a trained person to provide necessary first aid.
    The Multi-purpose and the Games Halls in school are used for various activities and indoor games.