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  • Pre-Primary Section

    Bhabha Kids Occupies the most attractive part of the campus. The ambience of the area is enriched by the surrounding green trees and lush lawns. The large, airy, themed classrooms that speak to the children itself and provide the right ambience for the learning experience at school. The colorful play equipment and a pet corner adds to the delight of every child.

    Here children are given every opportunity to develop towards their full potential appropriate to his/her age. This happens by encouraging each child’s natural urge to explore and absorb impressions from a rich and stimulating environment which is provided through natural surroundings and the contrived situations and activities in an innovative approach.

    We believe that learning is his/her adventure in spirit. Life is to be directly experienced, enjoyed and loved, concepts to be discovered, assimilated and internalized. Thus leading to a positive attitude towards life.

    Early Childhood Years is a period of rapid physical and mental growth. It is widely recognized that the experiences of this period will colour his/her whole approach to learning throughout life. Thus, we follow a development oriented and child centered approach with emphasis on child’s active interaction with the environment and development of concepts and attitudes. Reading, writing, figures and facts follow in the natural rhythm of things.

    The activities of the children are integrated with art, music, dance and designed towards indoor and outdoor experiences. Indoor activities aim to give variety of experiences in which they can explore and experiment with a sense of curiosity. Outdoor, children are free to explore most of the surrounding land which provides for varied play on climbing frames, a sand pit, a tunnel and water play etc.

    With an ideal teacher-student ratio there is time for necessary one to one attention and interaction.
    We consider constant communication with parents very important.
    The span of Bhabha Kids is 3 years.
    Starting           : Play group for +21/2 years old (Entry Point)
    First Year         :Nursery for +3 years old.
    Second Year    : Kinder Garten (K.G.)for years old.
    Third Year       : Preparatory (Prep) for +5 years old.

    Primary School 6 to 11 years (Grade I-V)
    The primary school program aims to:

    • Foster an all round development of the growing child, addressing the social, physical, emotional and cultural needs of each individual along with the intellectual needs.
    • Create a relevant and challenging and integrated academic curriculum which focuses on self-reliance, self-discipline and high academic standards.
    • Help students to “learn how to learn”, in order to prepare them for the ever changing modern world.
    • Develop key concepts, skills, attitudes, actions and knowledge as students are encouraged to explore academic subjects and create network transcending conventional subject’s boundaries.
    • Inculcate integrity, honesty and respect for the views, values and traditions of others.

    The primary school programme focuses on the following areas for an all-round development through a variety of activities and projects and integrated approach.

    Middle School 11 to 14 years (Grade VI-VIII)
    The Middle school programmes aims to:

    • Enhance academic achievement through the study of a broad range of disciplines.
    • Foster and integrated approach so that students identify cross curricular links and common themes and adopt a holistic view of knowledge.
    • Enable students to practice effective study skills.
    • Develop an awareness of the media and foster critical evaluation of information.
    • Nurture communication skills.
    • Encourage social development, cultural awareness and a genuine understanding of others.
    • Promote responsible, caring citizenship through study of the environment and community service.
    • Promote understanding of the importance of conservation through making right lifestyles choices.
    • Instill aesthetic sense and appreciation of art & creativity.

    The programme accentuates the way subjects inter-relate and promotes a holistic view of knowledge. Students are encouraged to explore cross curricular links through creative learning and development of effective study skills – Learning to Learn.
    Grade- IX-XII ( As per NCERT Syllabus & CBSE Curriculum)