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    Education institution are the best places to install values in the impressionable minds of children. Value building and character building should be commenced at schools. In our school the children are given hands on experience and training in maintaining cleanliness. They are made sensitive and aware of the importance of cleanliness as they are the one who can bring phenomenal changes in the future. In the school class prefect are made to monitor the cleanliness in every sphere of the school. The value of “SHRAMDAN”is inculcated in the children from the rooting pre primary classes.

    The school administration strictly monitor the cleanliness work done in the school . The wash rooms are cleaned twice every day and made disinfected by using powerful cleansers . The school building also broomed and mopped two times every day. Clean drinking water is provided to students through water coolars attached with water purifier machine. Personal hygiene is also very important , regular checkups of children’s grown up nails and hair are done by teachers.

    Children are very precious and precious things are always protected by strong safety methods. The school has been very particular about the safety of the campus. The whole school building is covered by CC TV camera range. Wash rooms are made in the center of the building and maid is positioned out side them permanently. Regular rounds are taken by the administration, staff near the wash room area. Alarming bells are also installed in each washroom.

    The school building is absolutely safe from fire crises. Fire extinguishers are installed on various points in the school premises. Regular mock drills are conducted to face any type of emergency. There are many chanelled exit gates in the school building which can be used at the time of emergency. Two efficient and skilled guards have been appointed for the main school gate, who keep and “ EAGLE EYES” vigilance.
    The school transportation is also kept under strict surveillance. They are register in the police department and strictly instructed to follow the traffic safety rules.

    The school maintains a well equipped first aid or sick room for the well being of the children. The shcool is also attached to well known hospital in the area for any kind of emergency.
    Regular workshops on personal safety are conducted in the school. Children are made aware about good touch and bed touch time to time.

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